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How to make an accurate Geo-IP databaseРабочие ситуации и задачи

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Chunhui Gao

Gao Chunhui, his personal website first became the China's top 1 personal website according to CNNIC.
In 1999, Gao is the general manager of Kingsoft.
As a serial entrepreneur, he founded many companies including ECSHOP in 2006(acquired by Tencent(Discuz!)and IPIP.net in 2014 which is the leading company of Geo-IP database market in China and expanding to international market.


IPIP.net is the first and only Geo-IP database company based on real time BGP/ASN data computing. We'll share how we make Geo-IP data accurate and use cases in different industries.

The untold truth is there is no standard of Geo-IP location. Enterprises, carriers and data centers are more centralized, and end/mobile users are widely distributed and moving frequently which significantly increase the complexity of Geo-IP accuracy.

IPIP.net will introduce the way how we make our Geo-IP DB accurate including:
1. Global monitoring platform and how it works;
2. Data inaccuracy triggering and fixing;
3. Global WHOIS / BGP / ASN / RADB reference;
4. Global Internet Exchange DB;
5. IPIP.net rDNS and backbone IP db;
6. Cooperation between ISPs, clients, partners and community.

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